Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday, at last...

This morning I woke up at 4:00; what does one do at 4? Well, when you have tkr, you rock in the rocking chair and sometimes go on the stationary bike. You go get a cup of herbal tea and read a bit while rocking, of course. Then when the tea is done and you still aren't ready to sleep you go to the kitchen, pick a cupboard and clean it out. Now that should be enough for a day even! But, sleep was still evasive. I went back to the family room, filled the Christmas candy dish with both plain and peanut red and green M&Ms and red and green jelly candy. Seems this year we just can't get enough of those. I am not home during the week much, but when I “check” the candy dish there is always some missing. Perhaps we have trolls in the house. One knows how much trouble Trolls are. I couldn't blame the disappearing candy on Ardmore, could I?
Oh, back to the sleepless in Minnesota person...I discovered that I purchased a white strand of lights in a tote in my room. I had already alternated red and green lights so I set about changing three 25-foot light strands so they would be red, green, white, etc. By the time I had finished that, I decided enough was enough; it was 6:30 am, so I headed back to bed and feel instantly to sleep and slept until 9.
It was cold this morning, -1F at 9:30 am. I had to plug in the car to drive to Roseau later. Yes, I said plug in the car. In Minnesota we have block heaters on our cars so they start easier in the winter. They have an electrical plug on them that we plug into an extension cord.
After being out and shoveling off the walk too, I decided I might as well go for a walk. As I headed down the driveway I felt like I was walking on a million diamonds with each step. It had snowed about an inch the day before (about time). Sometime during that evening it had cleared off and when I went out the sun was dazzling off the snow, thus the diamonds. Beautiful sight! The trees were also decorated with the fresh snow so everything looked so white and clean. By the time I got back to the house, I was hungry; after all I had been up 1/3 of the night! We had omelets with ham, green peppers, and onions topped with cheese. Yum!
Yesterday was Ardmore's 74th birthday. Where has the time gone? Each of our children called to give him birthday greetings. Even our granddaughter Breanne called, her grandpa was delighted!
I didn't do much work for the rest of the day, but I did go swimming and to the grocery store. I really feel that is enough for a day off from work!

Thought for the day
Saturday is a day for remembering. I remember going to my grandparent's house in Eveleth during the winter. The house was a big rambling house with a dining room between the kitchen and the living room. Perhaps my aunts' and uncles' would say, it wasn't that big Charleen, but to me it was as a child. One of my favorite memories is walking into the house in the winter and hearing my aunts harmonizing at the piano. All of the Rosses have great voices and could harmonize together. At our family reunion in 2007, we were treated to those great voices once again. Memories are the best parts of life.
What is your favorite memory of winter at your grandparents home?

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Leanne said...

I'm surely glad you find such productive things to do when you wander about in the early morning hours! Ha! Loved your memories of your grandparents' home; isn't that great to have. Hope our grandkids will have some memories, eh? Even the kids!?