Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Well that is what the song says, right? We must have gotten about 4-6 inches this morning and so for the third time this week, Ardmore will crank up the snow blower and head out and do the driveway. Good thing it happened today and not yesterday, we order 2,500 gallons of diesel for the farm yesterday and the fellow had absolutely no problems turning around in our yard. Today would be a different situation; one can't even see the driveway!

I love when we have a heavy snowfall and always have this desire to go out walking, so this morning I did. It is totally different from walking in Hoyt Lakes. When we lived in Hoyt Lakes I would love to go out walking at night when it snowed. The street lights always seemed to be shrouded and there was no wind because of all the houses. Here one is comfortable in their yard but get to the road and it is a totally different story. This morning it was great walking south and I felt warm but the return trip was against the northwest wind and having a scarf around the face was a necessity. I didn't wear my down coat and my legs were cold even though I was dressed for what the weather was like. I had purchased a pair of flannel lined walking pants and wore long underwear, still not enough. My bionic knee was a little cold too so I put on my flannel pjs when I got in. It is a little stiff now.

Yesterday, I decided to go swimming at AmericInn. It felt wonderful, the hot tub limbered me up so I was ready for exercising in the pool. I followed the swimming protocol set up in the Total Knee Replacement & Rehabilitation book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is undergoing tkr, it has the best exercises and techniques to get one's knee rehabilitated. I am going on my sixth month and can say the process is long and requires a lot of work. Riding a stationary bike is another important thing to do. I rock in a rocking chair a lot and bring my foot back as far under the rocker. Rocking really helps prior to going on the bike. It limbers the knee.

After the driveway was cleaned out, I went for another walk. It had gotten a bit colder by that time but I wore my down coat and that kept me warmer on the legs. I enjoy walking but sometimes it is just too cold to go far.

Thought for the Day
I have had lots of things to do this weekend and am reminded of the saying "don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

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