Friday, February 19, 2010

So much to tell...

Last week was such a wild week! Hubby and I flew to LA on Tuesday, his suit in hand, excited about James and Ashley's wedding. James took us to his home immediately and then we went to Brian's. Brian spent the afternoon, coloring and cutting my hair as he was heading to Las Vegas to do makeup for a Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit promotion. I am always to pleased when he cuts my hair.
The Wednesday, Brian's friend Cliff who does wardrobe for commercials, movies, etc. went with me shopping for a wedding dress. It wasn't too hard to find but does anything look good one a woman who needs to lose about 50 pounds? I don't know what the photos will look like and am anxious to see. As we walked through the Grove I noticed a TV commercial was being record for the Cooking Channel. After checking out the set closely, I saw the commercial was with Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis, which was quite exciting to see. No, I didn't take a photo!
That evening the bride's family, who had arrived from Taiwan and James, Ardmore and I had dinner together at a Marina Del Ray restaurant and got to know each other a bit. The next day we were up at 7 to pick up the flowers in the wholesale flower district and then off to the church to decorate.We had a great time and were so hungry when James brought us two very large pizzas from Costco the they were devoured in minutes. The nicest thing was that the balloons were still good when we got to the reception on Friday evening!

We were exhausted when we finally arrive home but content, everything was decorated except for a few last minute things that would be done by volunteers the next day. A big thank you goes out to those volunteers, their last minute touches added wonders to what was done on Thursday.

I picked Brian up at the airport on Friday at 8:30am. That morning, he styled my and Michelle's hair and did our makeup, then he was off to the temple apartment to do Ashley's hair and makeup. She was a beautiful bride!
We went to the temple for the wedding at about 12:30. The wedding was family only so it included Ashley's parents and brother, and Ardmore and I. It was such a beautiful experience.

Here is a photo of them when they came out following the wedding. Ashley and James looked so happy. I believe she will be very good for him and visa versa.

The reception was held at the Rowland Heights stake following rush hour traffic and the Gps we set to not take the freeway. It took us a "little longer" that expected but all went well. The evening went by way too soon with about 200 attending the reception. One of the highlights for Ardmore was seeing an buddy that he went to Alaska with when they were both 19.

It was a late night when we finally got to bed, 12:30 am and then we had to drop off the rental car and catch the Allegiant plane to Fargo. 4:15 am came way to soon and boy did the bed ever look inviting when we arrived home!


Leanne said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! I'm so glad you could zip off to California and be with your family on such a special day! Congratulations on your new daughter-in-law, too; she's a cutie!

momma D said...

What a handsome couple! Sounds like you had a wild and wonderful time. Congratulations to the couple and the proud parents.