Friday, February 5, 2010

Bed by 8

Winter in Minnesota allows for so many things. When it is dark at 6 one can feel ok about going to bed at 8. That has been the case for the past three days. But you know what happens when you go to bed that early, you wake up at 1:30, 2:30 or 3:30 raring to go because you now have had 5.5 hours of sleep. That is my story.

I have been on a licorice kick. Usave has this wonderful licorice, the package says Australian Style Gourmet Black Liquorice, it really is packaged in Perham Minnesota. Don't ask me why the deception, but it did catch my eye the first time I saw it and have been hooked ever since. About twice a year for two to three weeks I will purchase a couple of bags, then I have my fill and move on to another candy or not.

Avatar is now showing in Roseau. I really want to see it a second time but don't know if I will. I asked a friend but she has no desire and my hubby wouldn't even think of going to any movie, much less this one.

One my memories from my high school days is attending movies at the Tacora Theater in Aurora with my girl friends. This was a given every Saturday or Sunday night. We saw such movies as Oklahoma, Singing in the Rain, and many other musicals. Then there were the scary movies like The Blog, the Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, like The Birds or Psyco. Movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Kirk Douglas were the ones to see, and, of course, the Elvis movies. Good thing we have NetFlix to order the favorites on, and many are available on demand, how great can that be!

We are getting close to getting everything ready to install for the upcoming exhibit. Hopefully we will make sense of this year's exhibit. So much to do all the time and so little time to do it in!

And then there is the wedding. I am so looking forward to the day.

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Leanne said...

Fun to see what you are watching... and reading! There is certainly a lot to choose from! You might like The World's Fastest Indian...I really enjoyed Anthony Hopkins in that movie! Waiting to see pictures of the exhibits..... Have a wonderful weekend!