Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wasting time

I am really wasting time right now. I have been spending the day working on the exhibit signage for the Women in Military exhibit but right now I am watching Throw Down with Bobby Flay and writing on the blog.It is so seldom one see Bobby Flay lose in a Throw Down but this time he lost to a "Waffle King"! Now I wish I noticed where the Waffle King was worked.

Things have really come together with our Women in Military program. I am amazed at how things are working out. The women meet last Monday and we hammered out the program and the luncheon. We also decided to do two movies. We will show Farewell to Arms on Tuesday, March 9th and South Pacific on Tuesday the 16th at 7 pm. I was so surprised to see how well they came in on the projector. We had some problems with our laptop and county came up with one that will do what we need. We have also found several good things to place on the SMART board to tell about Woman's History Month and Women in Military. I am getting excited. Lots to do though and now I am going to be gone for several days.

STS was in on Friday and did their thing. They took down exhibit things, put away the other exhibit things and just did a great job helping us come together. What would we do without our STS crew? Our crew chief is very personable and always does a competent job at whatever they tackle.

Will we escape the snow is the question? We fly out on Tuesday and there is talk of snow for the next two days. It was suppose to snow today too, but that hasn't happened. Can we have a few prayers from our friends that it doesn't snow so we will have safe driving when we head to Fargo?

Flying to our son's wedding Tuesday!

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