Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday night and Christmas with family

It has been fun to see what creative dishes Brian cooks. We had the most delicious turkey and cranberry sauce I've ever eaten. The only thing that I have made while here is the stuffing for the Christmas dinner turkey. Between Brian, Michelle, and James, we ate some very good meals. The setup and cleanup was a snap with everyone pitching in to cook, put together salads and sides, wash dishes, and clean up, it went very smooth. As the saying goes, "Many hands make work light."

Christmas Eve night we played the white elephant game with everyone vying for what they wanted. Some things were gag items like a "Max - Wild Thing" key chain and Thumb Wrestlers, while other items were taken over and over again. Bryce ended up with an iTunes gift card and Leah the Apples to Apples game, which was passed back and forth several times as was some truffles. It was such fun!

We went to see Sherlock Holmes Christmas night. This is a must see for movie buffs. We had to pay attention to the flash backs to make sense of some of the plot but this added an interesting dimension to the movie. Robert Downey played an excellent Holmes, although not the Holmes I picture from my childhood. Much more human and not a stilted as as the old Holmes was.
Last night we went to see the cartoon, "Fantastic Mr. Fox." A very humorous and delightful tale about the fox and his friends who did some sneaky steeling in an exclusive farm neighborhood.

This morning, James, Ashlee, and I attended church services at the Los Angeles Stake Center. According to church history it was built in 1923 under the supervision of Pres. Heber J Grant. It was the first LDS stake organized outside of the intermountain region and the also the first stake established in a city/town outside of Salt Lake City. It is a beautiful building. James told me, Brian had been in one of the wards connected with stake when he served his mission in the 1980s.

When we arrive home Brian was in the process of making turkey pot pie from a William and Sanoma recipe. It was fabulous! I am going to make this recipe the next time we have turkey.
This evening was a very relaxing. James and Ashlee left about an hour ago and Brian headed out for a meeting about 2 hours ago. This is actually the first time I have been alone! I finally get to upgrade the blog.

One sad incident happened yesterday. Ardmore walked to get the mail, slipped on some ice and ended up in the emergency room. I will certainly be glad to get home on Tuesday to see how he is doing and see what I can do to help him. The doctor couldn't tell if he fractured a bone, perhaps we will know tomorrow when a radiologist looks at the x-rays. It is hard to believe that the time has gone by so fast.

Time to run for groceries and pain meds!


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