Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NDMOA - Snow Country Prison Opens

A week ago last Friday, we opened the North Dakota Museum of Art exhibit Snow County Prison: Interned in North Dakota. This is a must see exhibit. I had no idea that we had a Japanese and German WWII internment camp that close to Minnesota. 3,850 men were held the camp. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to leave your family and be placed so far away, but to have this happen in your own country, even though you had nothing to bring it on yourself, would be very difficult this was what happened to the Japanese US nationals. It was interesting to discover that the Germans in the same internment camp had more freedom than the American Japanese. Many of Germans had worked for Standard Oil and were in the US at the time due to work and were not allowed to return to Germany. They were able to take tools and other items of their trade along, the Japanese had one suitcase. I can't imagine how they handled the dreadful cold of Bismarck in the winter in uninsulated buildings. Depression must have been an all consuming issue for many of them. Included in the exhibit is several poems by Itaru Ina that display the sadness of the time. It is interesting to think that this could happen again, the law that placed them in the internment camp is still in effect.
I am thankful that I work where I do and have the opportunity to see our museum have exhibits such as this. It is an exhibit I highly recommend.
We have classes coming to the museum for the next three days to see the exhibit. I wish we would have had more schools participate, but I am thankful that the schools who read about the exhibit and saw the need to bring their students to see the exhibit.
We have now had snow and below zero weather. Last night it was bout 11 below, right now it is 9 below. Yesterday Valley Spring California had snow! I wonder when they had snow like this before?

Leah had a wisdom tooth pulled today. Poor Leah! She had been suffering with it for several days. It is over now and she will have no more pain from that tooth!
I have so much to do and so little time. I am thankful for the upcoming Christmas trip to my children's. Whoo-hoo!

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