Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sooo busy!

With all that has gone on this past week one would think I would have updated my blog for sure. What can I say?

On March first we had the grand opening of Women in History Month at the museum. Everything went so well. I was more than pleased with the exhibits done by the One Woman committee and the Women in Education Committee. They all did a wonderful job telling the story of the women who have made differences in our county.

Our main committee the organizers and One Woman committee

At promptly 2 pm, Roseau County Commissioner Mark Foldesi, Roseau County Historical Society Vice President Irene Olson, Roseau County Women in History chair Linda Vatnsdal, Women in Education committee Pam Solberg, Roseau County Historical Society staff and the many members of the committees, cut the ribbon for this the first Women in History exhibit held in Roseau County.

The Women in History com
mittee consisting of Linda Vatsndal - chair, Carolyn Eeg, Dawn Johnson, Leanne Johnson, Loralee Marvin, and Carole Wilson worked very diligently to provide a wonderful program and exhibits to honor 18 Roseau County women who have enriched their communities in many ways. The women honored in 2009 are Lois M. Johnson, City of Badger, Agnes Paulsen, Barto Township, Hilda Erickson, Deer Township, Nelsine Dahl, Dieter Township, Irene Kristofferson, Enstrom Township, Ruth Eeg, City of Greenbush, Clarice Bolin, Grimstad Township, Delores L. Andol, Jadis Township, Amelia Janson, Lake Township, Lorraine Hedlund, Malung Township, Florence Hanson, Mickinock Township, Luella Solberg, Reine Township, Marie Budd, City of Roseau, Gladys Venaas, Ross Township, Pat Westman, Spruce Township, Maxine Penas, Stokes Township, Verna Grafstrom, Unorganized Township - Norland, Margaret Marvin, City of Warroad.

The Women in Education produced a wonderful DVD of interviews with women from across the county who have worked in the education system. Their exhibits consisted of the first women who hold various positions in the educational systems, from bus driver to janitor to teacher. Several women served on this committee and their talents are very evident when ones walks through the exhibits they designed. Pam Solberg chaired this committee whose members included Janice Branden, Dianne Churchill, Kelly Falk, Katie Hedlund, Gail Johnson, Elaine Lang, Sharon Lund, Aliza Olson, Sheilia Olson, Lori Schaible, Marion Solom, and Joyce Woidtke.
So many visitors participated in the festivities it is time to show some of the things that went on.

Today, the program honored Teachers of the Year and women involved in education in our county. Next week I will place some of the photos from that event on the website.

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Linda Vatnsdal said...

I am soooo impressed. Both you and Leanne know how to do this blog thing!! And you are right, the Women's History Month exhibits and events have been awesome. We've had wonderful, energetic, creative, hard-working, dedicated women working on the committees!! And thanks to you and Britt for all of your work, too! Linda V.