Thursday, March 12, 2009

Temple Trip!

We are heading to Bismarck North Dakota to attend the temple tomorrow. It seems like it has been ages since we have been anywhere. The last time we headed out it was so icy that we decided to go back home. I probably wasn't ready for the 400 mile trip at that time anyway, now I am though.
Our friends called to tell us where they were staying and that it had a pool, so I immediately went on line found the phone number and called to make reservations. I love their children and their littlest one was so disappointed that she wasn't invited to my birthday party a couple of weeks ago (it was a ladies only party) that know she will be excited to know we are going swimming. Such an adorable little girl!

I have decided to take Monday off also. I don't usually do this but I have been working too many hours and need to remember that I am only suppose to be working four days a week, not five.

Most of yesterday and part of today was spent working on a grant. A friend did some editing for me; aren't friends great? It always is so much better to have someone else help you clean up what you write, at least for me it is. Often I don't have time to have someone do the clean up as I am working on things at the last minute. I put it down and try to reread it before I send it off, then when I see it in the paper, errors,glare out at me and I am frustrated. There is just too much to do and not enough time to do it all.

We escaped the big snowstorm. Brian, our Schwan man was in today. He lives about 125 miles south of us. He reported that they had between 12 and 16 inches of snow! We were lucky if we had an inch. It was very windy on Tuesday night, so much so that the visibility was no good on the way home. No snow or ice on the road though and in the morning the roads were excellent. It was strange seeing the snow piled in the middle of the streets in Roseau. It didn't seem like there was enough snow to make the piles that high, but after the grader pushed them to the middle there was plenty.

Early tomorrow morning we will be leaving to Bismarck . It is going to be wonderful to walk into the peacefulness of the temple and leave the world behind and think only of the Savior. Then on Tuesday it will be back to the business of life with the next Women in History program on Thursday evening, a Red Hat event. Fun!

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