Monday, March 23, 2009


This morning I had some free time on my hands to look browse the web so went to Bookish. There was a comment about Miami columnist Dave Barry and I thought, "Who is this guy?" So I went on a headhunt and found him. Lo and behold, he had an article about Grand Forks and I just thought I would share it with you all, it sort of tells us what he thinks of the frozen north land; that is what we are right?

My 65th birthday was celebrated on February 27 with a Ladies Only pool party. When one reaches this milestone, there should be some sort of a celebration. right? Especially following a year when you realize that life is moving in more directions that you would have believed. After having my hip and knee replaced, I did some deep thinking. What do I want to do with my spare time, what little there is. Here is the list:
1. spend more time reading
2. commit to spending more time with hubs
3. Call the family more often and tell them how much I love them and miss them
4. see the family at least once a year for about 3 - 4 weeks
5. call my favorite Aunt at least once a month (you aunties can figure out which one that is on your own)
6. take better care of myself physically -i.e. eat right, lay off the sugars and carbs, and exercise more often.
7. turn over areas to volunteers and watch them enjoy what they do (they are the marvel of the society, they do wonderful things)
8. just enjoy each day in all kinds of weather, stay inside if it is too nasty and read or play on the computer!
9. make sure the dust bunnies are cleaned up at least every three weeks, I don't want to become a fanatic, just have a clean house. Oh, that doesn't mean not pick up the rest of the time, just not do any deep cleaning, the dishes must be washed, the toilet scrubbed and the floor must be clean enough to eat off of at least two times a week. Chuckle!

Now for the photos of my dad's family from the 2007 Family Reunion:

Lake at Quadna Mountain Ski Resort where we held the reunion .

A Wedding Shower


Their mom and dad - Aunt Renee & Uncle Bryce Ross

Uncle Bill, Aunt Rose, Uncle Ron, Uncle Bryce, and Aunt Ruth Ross

Ah, the food, yummm!

The Campfire

The Harmonizers, they use to sing by the piano in their youth, now they sang by the campfire.

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