Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow and flooding

We woke up to seven inches of heavy snow this am. I had so hoped it would spare us. To add to the situation our power went out at about 7 and didn't come on until about an hour ago. When you live where you use a pump for water that can be a problem. We were more worried about our sump pump as with all the melting this past week it was running constantly. Add this heavy wet snow to it and that just means it would continue to run longer.

We were so close to flooding in Roseau yesterday and then overnight they turned a corner. Our fields looked like a lake, today one can't even see the lake that is under the snow. That will change with warmer weather.

I though I would post some photos of the farmyard with the heavy snow causing our three sentinel trees to look like they are ready to break under the load.

Yesterday it most of the snow was gone, we could say spring was on the way and today, winter returned with vengeance!

Our granddaughter and husband are moving into their new home. I am so excited for them. This is their first home. I remember the excitement of moving into our new home. So much to do, packing and then unpacking. Thinking and planning, do I want to put this here or there? What do I need that we don't have? Damen will now have a room of his own. Toy boxes and all! What a dramatic change to their lives, from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom home.

For some the mortgage crisis is a disastrous, for others it is a boon. It reminds me of the farming crisis of the 1980s. So many lost their farms until the government and the mortgage companies decided to change the way they handled the loses and some had some of their contract adjusted ended with less of a debt load. Will this happen again?I hope not to the farming communities. It is too late for many who have already lost their homes. Will Obama's plans work? We are all trying to be optimistic.


michelled said...

Hi, Charleen! It's Michelle from and I just wanted to say thanks so much for your blog comment on my old picture. I was so excited about how good it came out and even more excited when someone I didn't know took the time to comment. Huge bonus! I wish I could find out more about the photo. My mom passed away in 2000 and her mom isn't with us either. My mom was the oldest of 5...I'll see if her siblings might know anything..but not likely. We have very few pictures in the family..but that one is my favorite.

Thanks again and come back for a visit soon!!

A note from Deb... said...

Hi Charleen,

I just wanted so say thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting. It's so cool when strangers visit! : ) Though I feel like we all are part of some sort of weird extension of the PW family, ha.

But WOW, you weren't kidding about all that snow. I'm definitely not envious in the least! I checked our weather & it looks like all that yuck isn't going to slam us... * CROSSED FINGERS * But it's only March so I'm sure we here in lovely WI haven't seen the last of winter yet.

I posted a few new pic's on my blog yesterday... we actually had some "decent" weather (last week). I'm hoping it stays that way! : )

~ Deb T.