Thursday, February 26, 2009

Four days to the grand opening

The time has gone by so fast. For several days now, volunteers have arrived to help with signage and putting exhibits together. STS was in yesterday and rearranged the car, put the back on an exhibit case, hung a photo of Roseau High School's first graduating class. The piano was delivered for the musical numbers to be performed on Sunday.

To those who don't know what is going on, the Roseau County Historical Society is opening the first celebration of Woman's History Month at the museum on Sunday, March 1 at 2 pm. We will have a ribbon cutting and then honor several women (called One Woman)who have been selected by the cities and townships in the county as women who have contributed above and beyond to their communities. We will also honor the women who have contributed to the education of the children of our county whether they are teachers, paralegals, secretaries, janitors, cooks, well you get the idea.about 1/3 of the exhibits have been transformed to state these areas. It has been a lot of work, but what a wonderful example of a pioneer classroom and modern classroom are exhibited. Teachers of the Year from across the county will also be honored. See find out more about the events being held go to our website, Roseau County Historical Society events to locate a schedule. These programs are open to the public and are free of charge.

Well, it is time to get ready for work, or I will be late!

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Leanne said...

Thinking about you ... knowing that this will be so well done! Hope you can enjoy the whole month. See you in a couple weeks (hopefully).