Monday, February 9, 2009

Rain and Ice

If there is one thing we don't like in February, it is rain! It started sometime last night and this morning there was a thin sheet on everything. It rained off and on all day, Grand Forks reported 3/8th inch. We had 39 F so it finally quite freezing but that wasn't enough for the ice to melt. We closed the museum today and I probably won't go in tomorrow either. There will be no walking outside for me until it quits raining! A friend told me that her husband insisted on going out even after she told him she wouldn't be able to help him if he fell. He would not pay any attention to her, what man does! He ended up falling and had to crawl back into the house! Ardmore put on his spiked boots so he could go out to the shop.

There is a new strain of staph virus that is going around and our granddaughter Leah has become a victim two times now. Today she went to the doctor and was told she would have some problems with this as she is susceptible to it. She was put on antibiotics. We are all concerned that it comes under control.

Our son, James is busy doing some air force business in Maryland and called tonight. I wonder if this weather will end up there too. He is in the Civil Air Patrol and went flying in LA on Saturday. He does this fairly often as training. His favorite place to fly is over the ocean. There is less traffic and he loves to fly the coastal area.

Brian starred in the play, A Compulsive Line on Saturday. It is a play about people who have compulsive disorders and was designed in the format of the play A Chorus Line. He played the part of the director. I get very discouraged when I am so far away from our family and can't attend things like this. At least this isn't the turn of the Twentieth century when one would never see or talk to their children when they moved to another country. We at least can talk every day and even go on Skyp and talk face to face. Pity the pioneer, who knowing they would probably never see them again, still sent their children to the New Land with hopes that their life would be better.

On a techie note, we changed internet providers today. We were both thrilled to see how much faster it is surfing the web. Fun!

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