Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and a Makeover Workshop

Thanksgiving was great! I flew to LA, no hubby didn't go, he was concerned about water pipes freezing on the farm.I turn off the water when we go but that doesn't give him any consolation. We had a friend who left on a two-week vacation one winter and while they were gone a pipe on the second level of their home cracked and the water ran until they returned. What a nightmare that was!I think it put fear in my husband.

Back to Thanksgiving. Our grown children and spouses arrived on Thursday. Michelle has a heavy schedule at the California University at Stanislaus and had lots of homework so she and Dave headed back to Modesto on Friday. We did have some time to do a little shopping for the great-grand kids at The Children's Place in LA though. They always have the best sales on Black Friday; I spend $104 on about $250 of children's clothes, Great Fun! Dave stayed back at the house where the guys and Ashley played Monopoly. They were down to two players, Brian and Ashley when we arrived home and that evening, Brian won. James said he had never played a whole game where someone actually won. That evening, Brian and I did some some sight seeing at The Grove, joining James and Ashley later. We didn't do much shopping, just a little at Crate and Barrell.

It really puts one in the mood when you go to The Grove during Christmas. The beautiful tree and all the decorations and music. They do a water show at the fountain with the music. I remember last Christmas there was snow coming out of an upper winder and I was like, "What is this? I didn't come here to get cold, I want warm weather." No snow at Thanksgiving, I guess it must be way to warm.

Brian is coming home in about ten days to do some Makeover Workshops in Roseau. I am going to invite him to tell you all about it on my blog. He is a makeup and hair artist in LA and does stars like Mariah Carey, Betty White, and catalogs and magazines like Victoria's Secret and the Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Makeover Workshop is his business, where he teaches how to apply makeup and do your hair.

Time for a few photos from last week.

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