Friday, December 3, 2010

LA Temple

One of the wonderful advantages of having a son in LA is the opportunity to visit the temple. After a late night on Friday, everyone was tired and slept in late. . . but me. I went to the temple at 7:30 am.

The serenity always gives me a sense of peace and lessens the thought of the day. On Saturday, it was on different. As I was sitting checking out who I was doing the work for, I thought of the many hours the person had put in doing the genealogy; then checked the work that had been done for the woman and realized that I was doing the last ordinance! The woman sitting next to me was also completing a woman whose history had been researched by our genealogist partner. What joy there must have been for these two women who work was finally completed and for the woman who had gathered their information. Her last name was Robinson. It was the end of a perfect temple session.

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