Friday, June 18, 2010

Life is busy and good

This week has seemed to fly by. I did take Wednesday off and it was a marvelous day to do so; 85, brilliant sun, a retirement party for a friend to attend, and then off to have Pam knead all the knots out of my body and send me almost into la, la land. Her massage is so wonderful!

I finished reading "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson this week. His wit was quick, his knowledge wonderful, and his stamina more than I would have had even at 20. It is amazing to think that anyone would desire taking an over 2,000 mile hike in the Appalachians. His drive was something to admire. I really enjoyed his in-depth coverage of the flora and fauna, the stories of a few of the deaths on Mount Washington, the escape during a case of dense fog, and the snow and rain that they were forced to travel through and finally the heat that did them in at the end. His friend was a trouper for even going with him. A good read.

Life has been a mist of rain quite frequently this past week. Except for Monday and Wednesday we have been cloudy and often rainy. Last night was something else.I was working late on the aerial photo exhibit at the museum and suddenly the fire alarm started sounding. Without a radio in the museum I ran to the library to see what Chuck could come up with; it was tornado watch. I went back to my cozy office with four walls and no windows and though how it was the safest place in town at that moment then got homesick for hubby and headed out the door and went home. The lightening was furious in places but all we had was a hard 15 minute rain that dumped 1/2 inch on us. The next morning, the TV reported tornadoes all over the state and several in northwest North Dakota, too. We were very lucky to escape.

Let's see, there must be five things I am thankful for tonight.
1. Our staff, they are the greatest!
2. Our cozy home.
3. Skype, I can visit with my daughter and grandchildren, face to face.
4. The scriptures, they keep me close to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.
5. Good friends and family.

Another busy day tomorrow, it is the Scandinavian Festival and we have a Story Time for Children at the museum. I can just taste that rice pudding with raspberry sauce. Yum!

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