Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wolves howling in the night

Hubby asked me if I heard the wolves howling last night. Here I thought I had tossed and turned all night, no, I did not hear the wolves. He thought it sounded like there were about 4 or 5. Brush wolves, probably. I remember we had a brush wolf in our area several years ago. I was cultivating when I saw him. Such a scrawny animal, I felt sorry for him or perhaps it was a her and she was nursing pups, which would explain her condition. I hope these are just brush wolves and not timber wolves. If they are the size of the timber wolf we have in the museum, it
could be fearsome.

Monday's Memorial Service was such a wonderful tribute to the Korean and Vietnam vets. Aaron Nelson and his advanced history class put together a wonderful program and exhibit honoring them. Throughout the year the class had conducted oral histories from several veterans. They presented each of them with copy and also the historical society and the Minnesota Historical Society. I was very impressed with their work. Aaron and I had partnered on the project to receive equipment through the Minnesota Arts and Culture grant. We were so pleased to be able to get this grant. It provided what was necessary to do quality oral history programs, lights, camera, etc. The museum had also conducted four interviews with women who have served in the military. During the next few weeks I am hopeful that I have a couple of the students come in and assist us in organizing these interviews so we know how to handle them.

It is very humbling to participate in such a great program.

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MarieB said...

What great pix and article! Working with vets is very rewarding and humbling, indeed. It's always fun being a guest flutist at events. :)
Speaking of wolves, there are similar animals here. A pack of coyotes come out at night in the nearby field. It's fun listening to them.
Keep up the great's entertaining! Good job!