Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Birds!

When I came home from work yesterday the first thing I did was peer into the Robin nest under the south end of the deck. I should have ran for the camera! One little one was sitting on the edge of the nest while the others huddle together, half and half out of the nest. This morning, I grabbed the camera to take what I thought would be one last photo but they were already gone! One of the parents came swooping in and landed on the grass not far from me and kept a close eye on what I was doing. Whatever for, they had already helped the little ones in their flight to a new life? What will be the next thing to see in our yard that will give us enjoyment.

Ardmore walked to the bridge yesterday and on the way saw four baby wood chucks hardly any larger than his hands sitting out of the their tunnel. We believe the mother was killed a while back as someone had stopped on the road and then we heard a gun go off. What will these little one do if the mother is gone? Hopefully the male helps, does anyone know if a father wood chuck would step to the plate under those types of circumstances? Time for some research!

The Aerial Farm exhibits are coming along, slowly but surely. We have about 50 photos to work with now. Several for the Century Farm exhibit and some the other aerial farm exhibits. We took all the info on the mystery farms from the early 1950s Roseau Times-Region newspapers and I will now begin to call people to see if they are able to locate their family farm black and white photo. I don't think we will get the exhibit up before July first, but hope to start.

It is a beautiful day today, we are suppose to get up into the 80s. No wind to speak of either so our wheat should get sprayed some time today. We have reached a point where we are more concerned about spraying the fungicide than even the herbicide. After checking the field a couple of days ago, Ardmore reported lots of damage on the stems. We knew that would be a problem with all of the rain we have had. Pray that our area doesn't get any rain for at least a week. LOL

I stayed home today to soak up the sun and do some work at home. This afternoon is my friend Ann's retirement party. Congrads Ann!We went out to lunch yesterday. Chinese is so good!

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