Sunday, April 19, 2009

In the Twin Cities

We arrived at the Minnesota Humanities Center at about 6:30 pm, so it took us about 7 hours to make the trip. No issues, just good company and a few stops here and there, for gas and goodies and potty breaks. Britt, Linda and I are looking forward to the Between Fences workshop tomorrow. One of the women from the Smithsonian arrived later this evening. She had been at a workshop I had been to for Key Ingredients: America by Food back in 2007.

We went to Olive Garden for supper. I ordered an appetizer and then said, "This may be enough." We agreed half-heartedly and then ordered dinner. Needless to say we took almost all of our main courses back to the Humanities Center and put it in the fridge. Yup, salad, bread sticks, and the appetizer would have been plenty.

After the long trip we all need a good night's sleep. A long drive like this is tiring.

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