Saturday, April 25, 2009

Four Days in the Twin Cities

It is so good to be home. Just to go for a long walk was so therapeutic. Yesterday I walked to the Concordia Lutheran Church corner, about a mile and half, then today I walked north to our land about 3/4 mile north. It felt so good to be free enough to go that far. It is so cold still. Yesterday was a winter coat and sweat shirt walk as was today. The temperature is in the 50s but the wind blocks the heat from penetrating and gloves are even necessary. Spring, oh spring, where are you?

The river really rose after the lake bottom filled. The river at the bridge south of us was below 16 and rose to about 16.5 feet and now is dropping, finally. The fields looked so good prior to the rise, now it will take another two to three weeks to see them water free.I hope we can get into the field by the third week in May.We will in on our south land in a couple of weeks maybe, but it is about 5 1/2 miles south of the river.

Ardmore finally was able to buy a grain truck that fit our budget. It will be months before he will feel as though it is capable of being used, that's the mechanic in him. When it is able to be used, I will look forward to driving it during harvest. It will take longer to fill and perhaps I can get a minute or two of reading in while hauling grain!

The workshop was wonderful! We all feel more prepared and excited about hosting the Smithsonian MOMS exhibit Between Fences. Six organizations from Minnesota will be hosting the exhibit over the next year starting in September. The Roseau County Historical Society opens the exhibit March 27, 2010.We need to really start organizing for the many upcoming events. I will be happy to have the Minnesota History Contest done and begin planning the upcoming events.

The workshop offered us some wonderful ways to present Between Fences. I am excited to have Minnesota Troubadour Charlie McGuire come to our county and present programs. We hopeful that he will do our Grand Opening but we will have to see. He is always in demand. The Minnesota State Scholar, who recently wrote a map book, will also come as a program under the Between Fences program umbrella. He will present programs to local high school geography classes as well as a public program.

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