Thursday, June 5, 2008

US History Made - Obama for President

Following reaching the recent delgate count of 220, Barak Obama was declaired the Democratic contender for President of the United States. Although Hilary Clinton had the majority of popular vote, Obama received the delegate votes, accorded by state voting laws. This will be a very interesting summer and fall as the election will now move into high gear and the canadidates will bring in the big guns. No small fire any more.

I tend to be Republican so will be watching with interest as McCain andObama shoot paint balls at each other, trying to make each other look as bad as possible. I do think that Clinton would have made a better president. She was at her husbands side during his Presidency and has knowledge of what it is like. In my opinon, Obama does not have enough experience to be President. He has only been a senator for one term, and hardly that at best, being elected in 2004. We will see how it all shakes out in November.

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