Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is just a continuation of the morning blogging.

A friend of mine passed away from complications following salmonella poisoning. I am stunned that this happened. She had been doctoring for what was believed to be an intestinal track aliment and was to treat it with Iodium. It wasn't working and she had returned to the clinic a few days later. Her daughter brought to the hospital after she became dehydrated. The hospital immediately sent her by ambulance to Altru in GF. She was on total life supports shortly after and on Monday evening the family decided to let her pass away naturally.

Our life is such a short span here on earth. What do we do with it and how do we react to the experiences we have? I believe in after life and that a person is in a better place, but will I be ready to accept that when the time comes? How will I react if Ardmore passes away before I do, or one of our children or grandchildren? Deep things to think about.

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