Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain, rain, go away - give us some sun!

My brother called this evening. He is tired of all the rain and cold weather. As a golfer, he was looking forward to getting out on the course and golf a few rounds. His wife started golfing last year and with them both having the same day off, it was one of the things they loved to do on a day off but not this year so far.

We just had a down pour. So far we have been lucky and haven't received much rain just the perfect amount. We will see what we have now. Our fields desperately needed the rain we received last week. The tractor tracks in the wheat field were still black, and the canola and soy beans plants had not broke through the ground yet. Today it has been very windy but it didn't start to rain until around 10 pm. I decided to take my two Begonias in earlier as the wind was knocking them around like they were swings and they were taking a beating. Good thing they came in as when it stared to rain it blew harder. One thing about having rain; the old timers say, if we don't have rain we don't get a crop. Hurrah for the rain!

Helen came in to the museum today and we worked a bit on the newsletter. We hope to get it together so it can be mailed with the consortium newsletter. We meet on that on June 23.

Then this afternoon our new board member came in and went through a board orientation. I had designed a PowerPoint presentation that would give her an idea of what we are all about and had also put together a binder for her with all the areas that would help her get an idea of what we do and of the board meeting info for the past year. I hope it was helpful.

Britt and I went over the museum plans and decided on a few changes to the way things were designed and determined what we should do for some new exhibits. I am excited about the input from her. She has some very good ideas.

Yesterday was a busy day! I had a doctor appointment with my orthopedic surgeon in the am, physical therapy in the afternoon, and an FSA appointment later. All of these took up most of the day and I just popped into work periodically. I am going to have my left knee replaced on July 7. I do have some apprehensions but my brother gave me such a glowing report from some of the people he works with at the Virginia hospital, I need to think positively. Then there is my friend Lou, who had knee surgery last year on Valentine's Day and went back to work a week later without a cane and had the other knee done three weeks later and went back to work again a week later. I hope I can have such good luck. Like I said, I need to think positive!

Tonight I put a pork roast in the oven. I love Greek Seasoning for pork. It gives it the most delicious flavor. I was so tired I set the stop time set and went to sleep. Later when it was turned over the under meat was so tender and delicious, the top part will now be the same. Yum!

I just turned on my Bach in the Bath CD, it is so lovely. I think I will lay down and listen and go to sleep. It lulls me to sleep.

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