Thursday, March 18, 2010

The sun always shines in Roseau

When the two older Haugen kids were young and living at home. We made frequent trips to the farm at Roseau from our home in Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota. The contrast between the two areas we very evident. Hoyt Lakes is located on the Iron Range of Minnesota, called such because of the iron ore that was discovered there in the 1800s. Many iron ore and later taconite mines were developed in the area and are the main source of employment for the people who live on the Iron Range. We consider the eastern Iron Range to run from the town Hibbing to Hoyt Lakes. The area is dotted with lakes including Lake Vermilion, which is the fifth largest lake in Minnesota. We lived one block from White Water Lake and a half mile from Colby which had a manned life guard beach the entire time our children grew up.

When would travel to Roseau when Michelle and Brian were young, hubby would always comment, "The sun always shines in Roseau." We drove under the clouds or in the rain many times and we would always think, sure, it is going to shine in Roseau, in a very doubtful way. We would be almost to Warroad when we would see that the cloud bank seemed to have a clear horizon in the west and sure enough, very often, by the time we reached Roseau the sun was shining and kids always enjoyed being outside.

The sun does not always shine in Roseau, we have rain and we have snow. This past month was very foggy. Finally the fog began to clear out . We woke up on Monday to a clear and sunning morning, something that we had not seen for about two weeks.

Well here is the latest photos that show how quickly things change in northern Minnesota near spring. We had about two weeks of foggy weather and suddenly during that time, it turned warmer and things started to melt last week. We went from this:

The shovel was so necessary about two weeks or so ago.Snow was still piled against the shed when the wind blew.
And one didn't want to walk out to the trees in the 12+ inches of snow.

But it slowly melted.

The time for winter outside sports is over!
Like Frog told Toad, Spring is just around the corner!
You snow birds can think of packing up soon and head back to the beautiful spring and summer in the north.

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