Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lots of satisfying work completed

It is finally time to rest and recouperate for tomorrow! I feel like I accomplished many things but realize that I actually only accomplished the major things, mowing the lawn, working on the information for the upcoming board meeting, and finishing a section of the Minnesota History Contest.  I am ready for a good night's sleep.
This past week and a half I have been sick with what I call a childhood problem, ear infections. I also have a sinus infection. It came as quite a surprise to hear the doctor say ear infection on Monday. He put me on a Zpak and I am feeling much better now. Not coughing so much either. It was not a good time to get sick but after all that has gone on the past three weeks, I am not surprised I ended up sick.
We had our annual meeting on April 20th at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Badger. Wonderful program from Minnesota folk singer and story teller, John Berquist. I highly recommend him to anyone. He entertains! He also did artist-in-residence programs in Badger, Roseau and Warroad. I am impressed with how versitile he is. He taught folk dancing to the Roseau second graders, worked with the Jr and Sr. high choirs in Warroad and on Friday spent two sessions with the elementary children in Badger, teaching them about the insturments he uses in his repritore. He was well worth the $2,000 grant we received to have him here.

Badger Students with John Berquist
Well this has taken way longer than I thought so it is definitely time to go to sleep! Night all!

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