Sunday, April 15, 2012

Empty House

We have never had family come to visit consecutively like these last three and a half weeks were.
It was such fun and work!! Now I need to get busy and clean the house!

Today I drove James, Ashley and Lance down to Fargo to "hopefully" catch an Allegiant Air flight to LA. We were so happy to find out that they were able to get on the plane!
They fly standby and when they planned to come on AA from LA the plane only had one seat left and of course they wanted to all go together. It took them two days of finagling to get to Fargo. A week later we had Lanced blessed at church. We do not believe little children need to be baptized until they are eight and only bless them after birth. It was a great experience for us, one of the few times we have been able to be there when a grandchild was blessed and we have missed one baptism.
Lance's blessing - April 8c, 2012.    
Grandpa and Grandma, James and Ashley

Ashley and Lance

James and Lance

James, Ashley and Lance

I am too tired to finish this tonight so will add more tomorrow.

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