Friday, September 24, 2010

A week with Brian home

It is always great to have family come home and this week was special as Brian has been here since Saturday. We haven't done anything special, as there really isn't anything special to do in our little town except eat out, visit friends and go to the movie on the weekend. To top it off this week has been one of the rainiest weeds we have had in along time. Yesterday it rained over three inches. We did a lot of reading and relaxing during the week. Today he is out having lunch with friends.
On Tuesday, Brian styled my hair taken care of and a makeup application done, needless to say, it was very noticeable when we had our RCHS board meeting that evening. No matter how much he tries to teach me how to style my hair, it never turns out like he does it. I guess that is what happens when one has an LA pro style you. It was such fun!
We did something very different last Saturday afternoon. We went to a political barbecue for our local Democratic Party. As Republican as we are, we do favor U.S. Senator Collin Peterson and Leroy Stumpf. We were invited by a friend of Brian's and were on our way back to Roseau from Fargo so stopped at the 2 Fools Winery for a bit. It was enjoyable visiting with the individuals who were there and believe it or not, not talking politics!
Last night, while Brian was busy with some things, I went to help the Ya Yas setup their rummage sale which includes some Relay for Life rummage sale items. With the help we had we put everything out in about two and a half hours. As always, when one gets together with "the girls" it is always enjoyable.
Brian leaves for LA tomorrow and Monday will be back to work again. It has been restful and enjoyable.
I finished ready "The Help" on Wednesday. The review from the New York Times says it all. I highly recommend this fiction book about southern living during the sixties.
Brilliant sun now, and in the 50s. Whoo hoo!

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Patty said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I was curious about who you were so I hopped on over to check out your blog. I love all the pics you post. Your area looks beautiful. It sounds like we have similar tastes in books- I love the "Cat who" series also, and I recently read "The Help" for our bookgroup, and thoroughly enjoyed it.