Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Vinca Catharanthus roseus and the Flicker

When I first went to Carol's Cedar Cellar this spring for annuals, I spied this beauty hanging on one of the hooks and knew exactly where it was going. The Catharanthus roseus is a native of Madagascar and takes drought well as is proven by the above photos. Many times this summer I would come home and find the plant looking like it does in the top two photos. It immediately received the water it needed. After about 5 hours it was totally revived and was a beautiful as the day I purchased it. It comes in several other colors so one has a great choice.

The first bird, we who live in Minnesota, look for in the spring is the robin. For some reason this spring we had a flock of about 100 robins scrounging for food in our front and back yard this spring one day. Soon after that arrived my favorite bird, the Flicker. There are several in our yard each year. Today, I was greeted by this beauty sitting in the tree behind our house. What fun that was to see!
Last night, I attended the Relay for Life at the Roseau City Park. What an impressive program! The music, luminaries, and the friends that gather to honor and memorialize those who have had cancer was so well organized and such fun. I walked the park roads looking at all the luminaries and trying, in vain, to locate my mothers. There were hundreds of luminaries, so it was very difficult to be sure and find hers. I had decided not to take my camera and was very disappointed that I hadn't. Unless we are very busy with harvest, I will attend again next year. Perhaps I will purchase more than one luminary and put then from her grandchildren.

Harvest slowed down due to some rain yesterday afternoon. I did do a couple of rounds swathing this afternoon but we were in and out of light showers so we didn't press it. Warmer and dryer days are due next week.

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Leanne said...

Love those flowers! And the grandkids!!! And it surely was a nice program in the park for the RFL. Wonderful to see the strides we have made against cancer!