Saturday, January 15, 2011

Frosty days

It may be cold in Minnesota but we have some absolutely beautiful winter days. An example of this was Thursday morning. On my way to work, I just had to stop and take this photo of Concordia Lutheran Church with the frost on the trees. It was such a white on white day with the clouds, the church and the white trees the red stop sign was outstanding.

Often the river is a site to behold when the frost clings to the trees along the bank and the wind blows enough to make it float off gently from the branches.

I took my camera when I walked last week and this was what our yard looked like looking back on it. Another frosty morning!

The same day I was looking out my window and marveling at the fabulous view I had of our three evergreens  with the snow on every branch. How perfect is the world!

I am headed to a Rams Girl's Varsity game in about 10 minutes. They will play Duluth, I am assuming Duluth East but I'm not positive. Last night they beat Hibbing-Chisholm  9 zip. Roseau has such great hockey teams. Hibbing and Chisholm must have a population of abut 18,000 with both towns. it is amazing that a little town of 2,800 can have such an excellent hockey program.

Five things that I did today:
  1. vacuum the upstairs and downstairs
  2. dust everything
  3. Talk to James in Australia and Ashley in Donun Taiwan
  4. Clean out a cupboard
  5. the next thing - go to the hockey game - Go Rams Go!

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