Saturday, October 16, 2010

Church Employment Specialist

About a year ago I received the calling as our employment specialist at church. It has been a challenge and I keep working on trying to get the hang of the position and seek areas that I can help those who are unemployed in our branch. At the present time I am working on an upcoming Career Workshop that I will be presenting as soon as I receive some posters that were purchased through the church distribution center in Salt Lake City.

I use the Internet to become more familiar with this calling. Today I happened to connect with the Linked In site for Church Employment Specialists. This is just what I was looking for! I was able to register and received a quick reply accepting my request to join and was send an excellent website link. After a quick glance through the site, I pounced on an area called Sticky Ideas, which are for church bulletins. One of the ideas struck me immediately. Often people will say "No problem" when someone gives them a work assignment. I never  thought of this as negative until I read this Sticky Idea,
Career guidance – Don’t introduce negatives, if someone asks you for additional information; respond that “It would be your pleasure” or “I would be happy to”, do not respond with “no problem”. No problem raises the question of “I didn’t know there was a problem, is there a problem?”How true that is. No problem could indicate there was a problem but I will do it anyway.

There were many more of these Sticky Ideas which I plan to use in our church bulletin. Now I have to get back to studying for the upcoming workshop.

I read an online blog   almost daily. I believe the person who authors this blog gives great thought to scriptural meaning. Today the blog was on charity and I had to refer back to their last Saturday blog due to a reference to it. A comment by the author was:
 "Thus, the truly charitable are the people who are most likely to be open to being taught by those with whom others reactively disagree - since they are the ones most likely to seek for ways to understand without judgment and reflexive rejection.How often does someone bring up a point and others reactive in disagreement with their suggestion relating to a scripture? I have never considered that perhaps ONLY charity believeth all things, but I really like the way my mind is being led."

I have seen this happen every once in a while and will now look at the comment the person makes without reaction and hopefully with a more open mind.The main focus in the blogger interpretation was that we must be open minded to gospel teaching and only then will we be able to recognize what is truly of God and what is of Satan. I hope I am open minded enough to understand this concept and to recognize truth for what it is.

Six things I am thankful for this week:
  1. A wonderful sunny day
  2. Completing a grant so it can be checked by MHS
  3. Meeting with my companion to organize next Friday's archive workshop.
  4. How beautiful my outside geraniums still look.
  5. Finding time to read something enjoyable each day.
  6. Knowing that Heavenly Father answers my prayers in ways that I recognize only He could.


Brooke said...

Hi There!
I am considering purchasing a Janome 3160 and was looking for online reviews when I came upon your blog. I grew up in Minnesota so I've enjoyed your pictures! :) I am curious to know if you have been pleased with your machine or if you have any thoughts to share about its performance. I would primarily use for quilting. Thanks for your insight!

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Charleen said...

Hello Brooke,
Quilting is what I purchased my Janome 3160 for and wrote about it just for someone like you. Right now I am making a baby quilt for my new grandson.
I enjoy sewing and this machine meets many of my needs. I will list the pros and cons.
1. Easy to thread, it has a threader and a thread cutter too, love this!
2. it is easy to program. I used it for putting an edge on counted cross-stitch material yesterday and the programing was a snap.
3. good the thread cutter which means I don't have to always watch where both the top and bottom threads are when I start and it helps keep the thread from bunching up when the machine starts.
4. if you need to hem your pants or want to sew up a small hole on a sock, it is great for this over the arm.
5. Has a nice extension table for the arm area, I understand there is an even larger one on some Janome machines. I have a Horn sewing machine cabinet. I purchased a Plexiglas insert for the arm area and find that is wonderful for quilting. I also purchased an insert for the machine area where the sewing machine is located. When I put the machine down, I can use it as a desk.
6. Smooth running.

1. sometimes it jams,which all machines do from time to time but it pops open easily to get the bobbin and the case out when it does.

That is the only con I can think of, pretty amazing. I am very satisfied with the machine.
Happy quilting!
Here is one of my favorite quilting websites:
Enjoy and happy quilting.