Thursday, November 5, 2009

No snow yet!

Around Halloween we are usually seeing snow flurries and snow on the ground by deer hunting season. I remember one year when I had taken our children trick or treating and there was enough snow where when our daughter dropped something, we couldn't find it! That was certainly not the case this year, we have yet to see snow of any degree in Roseau County.

It has been a very busy month. The museum has gained several employees through a federal program and a grant to another organization which has been very beneficial. I try to keep ice cream and cookies on the break table to keep them happy! It is pleasing to see how well these women from different backgrounds work together. We have people entering information on artifacts that we couldn't get to during the flood, helping with databases for the Women in Military 2010 program, doing research, filing, and scanning our photos for the collection program. Someone asked me if we had work for these individuals. Work? We have work for several more, so if you would like to volunteer, step to the plate!

Our granddaughter, Breanne and hubby are expecting their second child. This will give us two great-grandchildren. It is so busy at the museum, I worry that I won't be able to get out to see them when the baby is born. I had hoped to be able to go and spend a week helping her, we'll see. Little Damen is becoming more of a little boy than a baby, his grandmother Michelle says. She took take of him about a month ago and send some photos.

Brian spent a week in Korea and Japan recently. I was very excited for him. It was work related but he still was able to find some time to see some sites. Ardmore was in Korea during the fifties, when he served in the military. He has a hard time believing the changes that have taken place in Seoul since those days.

Time to enter five things I am grateful for:
1. No snow and ice yet!
2. My iPod. I love iTunes and download several podcasts to listen to when I go to bed. I especially enjoy the CBC radio program "Between the Covers" where a chapter from a book is told for 15 minutes each night. I just listened to a science fiction book, "Roll Over." I also enjoy Stewart Mclean's Vinyl Cafe weekly program. I use my iPod when I go for walks, it is great to encourage a quicker pace when listening to some of the old 60s and 70s music.A
3. A lamp that I purchased at an auction. It has my favorite bird, the humming bird, on it.
4. Good friends, I will especially miss my lunch partner, Mickie Slater who is retiring from her job as Roseau City Clerk this month.
5. My car, actually the ability to go anywhere I desire, simply by sitting behind a steering wheel and turning on the ignition switch and driving down the road.

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Leanne said...

Isn't it something how things keep changing... here's Mickey retiring, too. Good thing you have all these fun people and projects to keep you busy every day! Have to stop in and see this busy place soon; I'm really looking forward to Snow Country.